Why should you work with our private school experts, Marylou Marcus & Tom O’Dell?

Marylou Marcus & Tom O'Dell, draw on 65+ years of combined independent school experience when working with a family. Their 25+ years as admission and financial aid directors provide outstanding expertise and perspective when working to find the best school for each unique student.

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Read what private school admission directors are saying about Marylou Marcus & Tom O’Dell!

“What I greatly respect about Marylou as a consultant is that she makes the effort to get know schools.”

Andrew Bogardus, Berkshire School

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Marylou… She does an excellent job with her clients.”

Brian Beale, Brimmer & May School

“Tom’s a great, great school guy. Great consultant. I can’t endorsed him high enough.

Trip Darrin

“Tom’s truly a professional… He wants to find the right educational fit for each individual child he’s working with.”

Matthew S. Hoeniger

See some of the private school’s we’ve visited since 2011!

Asheville School, The Athenian School, Bard at Simon's Rock, Bement School, Berkshire School, Besant Hill School, Buxton School, The Cambridge School of Weston, Canterbury School, Cardigan Mountain School, Cate School, Deerfield Academy, Dublin School, Dunn School, Eagle Hill School, Eaglebrook School, The Fay School, The Forman School, Garrison Forest School, The Greenwood School, Groton School, Hyde School (Bath, ME), Kents Hill School, Kimball Union Academy, Lawrence Academy, Marianapolis Preparatory School, The Marvelwood School, Mercersburg Academy, Midland School, Miss Hall's School, New Hampton School, Oak Grove School, Ojai Valley School, Oldfields School, Phillips Exeter Academy, Proctor Academy, San Domenico School, South Kent School, St. Timothy's School, St. Paul's School, Stoneleigh-Burnham School, Tabor Academy, The Thacher School, Vermont Academy, Villanova Preparatory School, Walnut Hill School for the Arts, The Webb Schools, Westover School, Wilbraham & Monson Academy, The Winchendon School, Wolfeboro, The Summer Boarding School, Worcester Academy

Marylou & Tom visit many schools each year to keep up with the latest things happening on campus. Let them share their knowledge with you!