Tom O’Dell: Expertise and Insight

Tom O’Dell draws on his decades of private school experience to help families navigate the private school admission process.

Over the years he has contributed to articles and commentary to both AdmissionsQuest and onBoarding Schools talking to families about how to think about admission situations and topics.

Tom is specially attuned to students with learning differences and special needs.

Financial Aid

…I am writing to tell the readers not to despair… all boarding schools offer generous financial aid to families who can demonstrate financial need. Yes, the application process can be daunting, but the end result may be admission to a terrific boarding school program where your son or daughter can shine. And the great thing about financial aid is that your request for aid does not have any impact on admission to the school….

Special Needs

….Families oftentimes find it a daunting task to identify the right boarding school for the “special” child. Websites and brochures don’t give enough detailed information for a parent to make an informed decision. Current psychological and academic testing may be inconclusive so parents don’t understand the problems or how to best treat them. Some families seek the counsel of an educational consultant to help them sort through the various options. Whether a family uses a consultant or searches on their own, it is vital to find the school that is the “right fit”; one that can address the child’s unique learning style…

Junior Boarding Schools

…Most people are not aware of the fact that there are a number of boarding schools that serves the needs of boys and girls of middle school age (10-15). Some of these schools are for high achieving, highly motivated students; others are for children who struggle with some aspect of the learning process and for whom academics can be a challenge. This range is one of the great things about junior boarding schools; there is a place for anyone…

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Tom O’Dell: Expertise and Insight

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