Essential Questions to Ask an Admission Director

Our friend, Leo Marshall, Director of Admission & Financial Aid, The Webb Schools, wrote an excellent article (Eight Questions Every Parent Should Ask an Admission Director) for our parent site, AdmissionsQuest, that we consider a must read for every family considering independent schools.

He encourages parents to answer these eight essential questions in effort to help them focus on what matters most when looking at schools- identifying the best fit between school and student. He gets to the core of how prep schools nurture & cultivate the very best from their students.

1. Will my child be known?

2. Will the school embrace the curious?

3. Will my child be encouraged to dream?

4. Will thinking out loud be expected?

5. Are right and wrong defined?

6. Are teachers coaches or simply givers of information?

7. Will mastery of subjects be expected?

8. Are teachers allowed to be teachers and parents allowed to be parents?

You can hear more from Mr. Marshall in our video conversation above.

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