Marylou Marcus

Marylou MarcusAs a professional educational consultant and mother of two college graduates, I am intimately acquainted with an educational system that has grown far more complex, competitive, and costly. As an educational consultant, I see my role as threefold:

  • To honestly assess the student’s current educational position
  • To help students and their families navigate the current educational world and choices as their unbiased advocate
  • To research and recommend the best possible academic, extracurricular, and social setting for your child

I work and think drawing on my 35 year experience as a teacher, coach, advisor, admission director and financial aid officer. Working across diverse student backgrounds, abilities and interests, my success and reputation are rooted in sound, informed, advice to students and families evaluating private secondary school options. Honest, open assessment, communication, and analysis provide the best framework for successful student placement. When assessment leads beyond traditional boarding school programs, I also work with special needs, therapeutic, and summer placement.

My professional experiences include tenures as president of the Small Boarding School Association as well terms on several school and association boards. My articles have been featured in educational organization newsletters and I have also spoken or presented papers at national and regional conferences addressing education, financial aid, and reasons why a boarding school might be the best choice.

BA, Montclair State College, Education
M. Ed., Texas A & I, Education

Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA)
Secondary School Admissions Test Board (SSATB)
Small Boarding School Association (SBSA)

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